How to Replace Lost Screw of ‘GoPro 3-Way’ Without Buying a New one

Are you a proud owner of GoPro and ‘GoPro 3-Way’ mount? Have you lost a screw of your ‘GoPro 3-Way’ mount and can’t find the right screw replacement? Then worry no more, because in this post, I will show you how to replace a missing screw of a ‘GoPro 3-Way’ mount without buying a new screw or a new mount. In the remaining part of this post, we will call ‘GoPro 3-Way’ a “mount”.

In my ‘GoPro 3-Way’ mount, I lost the middle screw. I tried to fit the remaining screws from my ‘GoPro 3-Way’ mount, the screw in the handle and screw that attaches GoPro to the mount, but both are short in length. Same with the spare screws included in my GoPro and separate accessories, all are short, too. I even went to hardware stores, but to my surprise, they can’t give me any screw that will fit to my mount. Soon enough, I gave up in looking for the right screw and started using only the mount’s handle with tripod only. But after few years (yes, years), I stumble again with my mount when I was cleaning my things, and decided to check it again hoping to find new screws.

What You’ll Need

For this project, you will need only two things:

  1. a spare screw from other GoPro accessories (notice that your spare screw from other GoPro accessories is a bit shorter when you try to fit it in the mount’s hole)

    GoPro accessories
    GoPro accessories
  2. a saw (I used a mini-saw from my pocket knife)

    Pocket knife's saw
    Pocket knife’s saw

How to

Finishing this project is as easy as 1-2-3. Please note that the steps below can be used on both the mount’s middle screw and handle screw.

  1. Mark an imaginary line on where you will cut-off excess plastic in the handle of the screw. Do this by aligning the screw in parallel to the mount’s hole and align the head of the screw at the end of the mount’s hole, then mark an imaginary line from the opening of the hole to the screw’s handle.

    Mark an imaginary line on GoPro screw
    Mark an imaginary line on GoPro screw
  2. Cut-off excess plastic in the handle using a saw.

    Reducing handle length of a GoPro screw
    Reducing handle length of a GoPro screw
  3. Try it if the screw will fit in.

Now, your finish product should look like the images below:

GoPro Screw with reduced handle
A GoPro screw after removing excess plastic in the handle.
GoPro screws
GoPro screws (from left to right): (1) regular GoPro screw, (2) GoPro screw with reduced handle, (3) regular ‘GoPro 3-Way’ screw


Please feel free to share your experiences, as well as, suggestions or have your questions on comments below.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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