Itinerant's Journey

Hi! I’m Jover Magdaleno, the itinerant. Itine…what? Itinerant is defined by English Oxford as: (noun) a┬áperson who travels from place to place.

I’m an IT professional, student, traveler, blogger, and photography enthusiast. Born with a strong sense of direction, can predict weather, and a very useful talent (for my girlfriend) to tell where the scorching sun will face during our travel (to avoid getting burned). Learned swimming by myself and overcame my fear of deep water by continuously swimming in pools and seas.

As of this writing, I am unemployed and battling quarter-life crisis. I’m in the middle of deciding whether to look for another job or take this opportunity of being unemployed to travel and be a full-time blogger (or in whatever means I can earn money while travelling). But at the end of the day, my need to earn a living overrules my desire to travel. Now I’ve decided to continue my professional career and learn balancing my life to continue my travels (and blogging) during weekends or free time.

In this blog, I will write my journey, travel guide and tips on how I traveled different parts of the world and my beautiful country, the Philippines; and how I manage my time between profession and travel.

Follow my journey!